Google provides the latest Generative AI features for cloud customers

Google has unveiled a selection of enhanced artificial intelligence features for its cloud-computing clients, including Gemini Pro for enterprises standing out as the flagship version.

Google provides the latest Generative AI features for cloud customers

According to Bloomberg The tech giant is aiming to keep up with the speed of its rivals with the twin-pronged strategy that includes Microsoft and OpenAI progressing significantly in the rapidly developing field of AI.

In the last week, Google launched Gemini with the assertion that it was the first computer to perform better than GPT-4 in many areas and has now stepped up its offerings by launching Gemini Pro for businesses.

It will allow developers within the business to create apps that utilize the Gemini software, which has already been approved. Google Cloud clients will be able to benefit from using chatbots that are powered by AI to build apps in addition to listing resources inventory databases.

The report also stated that Gemini Pro will be available for free initially for Cloud customers, but would not include access to the full features of the program. Instead, Google has indicated that the Cloud AI offering will be "competitively priced"

Google lagging behind

In its most recent announcement, Google announced Gemini on its list of "the next step in our journey" to AI and touted its "state-of-the-art capability".

It was also an attempt to draw attention and eyes away from OpenAI's ChatGPT and, conversely in a battle with the other products. If that happens the company will be closer to where they want to be, but for the moment it is essential that the software succeed and be well-received by users, including Cloud clients.

Gemini is available in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano, with the latter getting ready to roll out.

It is designed to work on handsets bringing the ability to many users. Along with customized versions, such as Gemini Pro for Bard, the Google chatbot and contender to Chat GPT, it is aiming to lead from the front and not lose any further ground to OpenAI, whether in actual or perceived reality.