Mozilla release Solo AI designed for freelancers and 'solopreneurs'

Mozilla has unveiled a new initiative dubbed Solo which is an artificial intelligence (AI) website building tool for freelancers and 'solopreneurs'.

Mozilla release Solo AI designed for freelancers and 'solopreneurs'

The developer of the software has targeted for freelancers who lack the resources or capacity to set up and design the website for their business and instead wants them to focus on the task of delivering.

The creators of the Firefox browser have laid out the possibilities for what can be achieved by solo: "Using AI to generate your site's content and source your images which a solopreneur is able to alter to reflect their personal style and voice, thereby leveling your playing field."

"Solo can take this a step further. It can scrape your existing business Yelp or another page (listing) in order to have an online presence that is completely authentic to your business."

To get access to the new web builder, all that those interested users must do is visit Solo, and then provide basic information regarding their project or business It is possible to link to your existing online presence. After that, Solo will use AI to create a brand-new website for you, with the whole process, including personalization, being about a minute.

Mozilla embraces open-source AI

This latest initiative follows Mozilla set out its intentions in the beginning of this year to fully embrace open-source AI with a commitment of $30 million to Mozilla.ai an entrepreneur-run company that focuses on creating a completely independent and secure ecosystem.

Led by chief executive Moex Draief "the goal of Mozilla.ai is to facilitate the process to create trustworthy AI products. We'll create things and work with people who share our goals: AI that is able to act as an agency with transparency, accountability, and openness at its heart."

"Mozilla.ai will be a space away from academia and big tech for like-minded founders, developers as well as scientists, product managers and builders to come together."

By setting out their challenger program as a possible alternative to large tech companies, Mozilla is aiming to be a reliable platform for AI as a company that wants to bring people along the journey with them and distinguish itself from the rest.

If it is equipped with the ability to keep pace with the times and draw enough attention to its offerings remains to be examined.